Just as a new day commences in Coorparoo in the “beautiful one day perfect the next” State of Queensland, Australia, I am about to morph into a new being, that grand moment when a writer becomes a published author.

I have cut my teeth on poetry, short stories and a novella, all unpublished, and have completed my first book “You Could Be Prime Minister One Day Son – Memoir of a Baby-Boomer”. The book has been six years in the making. The book is to be released on the 6th of August. But let’s not put the cart before the horse. I would like you to get to know me better first…

I have been retired from my resources career for some five years now. My wife of 50 years Kathy and I decided to downgrade to an independent senior’s living village called “The Village” at Coorparoo. Best decision we ever made. It is the beginning of a new life for us. We are both participating in Pilates, Yoga, gym work and dancing. I am teaching Tai Chi, active in the Variety group, choir and writing.

I have had a 45-year career as a Geologist exploring and developing resources. My career was an exciting one which allowed me to mix with people from all walks of life. I was very lucky to ride the Australian resources boom and participated in a number of oil and gas discoveries. I rose through the ranks and built up over 36 years of experience in Australia’s premier onshore oil and gas basin, the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. In my later years I was a consultant to the industry and because of my knowledge obtained and promoted acreage through my own private companies.

To call a test and get oil to surface in saleable quantities is a great thrill. Like fine wines a geologist needs a lifetime to mature. With good fortune a geologist can claim participation in economic discoveries. I was the well site geologist on Beach Petroleum’s North Paaratte-1 well, their first commercial well after eighteen years in the game. The field and subsequent adjacent discoveries were developed to supply Warrnambool with enough gas for over twenty years. I called the test which resulted in a new field oil discovery on the Mirage-1 well, Victoria Petroleum’s first economic discovery after twenty-one years of activity. I was involved in a further four oil field discoveries in the Cooper-Eromanga basin whilst leading their exploration program for a number of years.

Today I get my enjoyment through writing, travelling, teaching Tai Chi and my grandchildren.

I am interested in transformation, becoming, evolving into a new entity over time. Transformation can be an exhausting process of course but it sure beats stagnancy. I have experienced impermanence in my life attending four different secondary schools, being employed with nine different companies, self employed as a consulting and contract geologist for many more companies. Kathy and I have lived in six different houses in four different states of Australia. I have conducted field work in all states of Australia bar Tasmania and worked in New Guinea and New Zealand.

Impermanence and change has become a Harrison family trait since that day in 1960 when my father decided to move from Perth to Melbourne. My fundamental motivation is to participate in creating a better world. My interests are family, health, ageing, psychology, philosophy, religion, travel, music, writing and the arts.

If you wish to know more about me, I recommend you purchase my memoir and enrol in my fortnightly newsletter – The Dennis Dialogue.

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