Walking and Writing

Out walking again, fresh air-winter – isn’t it great – really great.

Walking has been re-introduced because of skin cancer being cut out of my thigh which prevents me working out in the gym. Walking outside in the fresh air is so much more pleasurable than working out in a gym. It lifts the spirit, you see the world rather than a blank wall and a machine with digits rotating, others working out living in their own personal bubble and conversation is difficult. Take time and walk the streets.

And smell the aromas – workers with saw buzzing, the great smell of fresh saw dust. The hint of ginger in the air – where is that coming from?

I get some of my best ideas when walking. I can sort my thoughts. It has something to do with the rhythm of walking that clears the mind.

Writing is about feeling, immersing yourself in the feelings and emotions of others.

Feel their pain. Write while you cry and write while you laugh. Feel the humour, live fully.

Immerse yourself in that. You the writer have to be the first to be moved.

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